About US

MCI Farming Ventures 

We are a community of agriculturists, associates and share holders.

Our Activities

We cultivate and process different plant species, both irrigation and seasonal.

We are also dedicated to the rising of livestock of different species.

Our Fortfolio

We have at our disposal food processing facilities of exclusive manufacture: regular, organic and Kosher.

Our Goal

Secure our food-growing future, offering modern products and solutions that optimize our farming practices and traditions.

Our Beliefs

We know that applied technology and environmental and genetic responsibility are the key to sustainability of a healthy countryside and humanity.

Company Policy

Advance towards the future,  ransforming our processes with dignity, to connect the wisdom of nature with human beings through the food produced by our earth.

And to be grateful to our beautiful planet for providing us with the food that nourishes the soul and life.

The Future

We are currently working hard with experts and assistants on the new trends of organic products to cover the needs of emerging markets.